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For your growing child.

What if your child needs more weight? Not a problem. swadl kids blankets grow with them. With our patented weight system you can simply fasten more weight whenever it’s needed. Brilliant.

Made for hugging.

For kids on the move, swadl kids is here to calm and soothe.  With an advanced design using smaller quilted pockets, the weight is distributed evenly over your child’s body for a sense of comfort. Like a full body hug, this is a security blankie like no other.      

when your child can rest, so can you

swadlkids can help your child feel grounded, relaxed and secure. So they can fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer.

Comfort year round.

No fluff. No fuss. swadl kids comes with a super comfy removable cover to stay warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Featured Reviews

  • My son Benjamin (5 years old) absolutely LOVES this blanket!!! He normally kicks blankets off and will not sleep with them, but he is obviously feeling so secure and comfortable that he doesn't take it off!

    -happy mom

  • Our middle child who is now 10 has struggled with anxiety for most of her life. Evenings and nights are the worst for us because she continually gets out of bed. Some nights bedtime is a 2-3 hour process before she finally falls asleep. The first night with her swadl blanket she fell right to sleep. I thought it might have been a fluke, but the next night was the same and I had to wake her in the morning. This blanket has given her so much better rest and she’s much more relaxed and focused during the day. My husband and I also have our evenings back!

    - Amber

  • Sophia is 3 years old and loves the beautiful pink color! She keeps feeling the soft material and doesn't even try to get out of bed....which is usually a struggle! Love this blanket! I definitely recommend.

    - blanket fan #1

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Every child (and parent) deserves a great sleep.

Kid-tested and approved, parents and therapists alike are also giving their stamp of approval. Weighted blankets are proven to provide relief to those struggling with insomnia, autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorders. We’ve seen improved sleep patterns in young children with or without developmental disabilities.  

Designed in Canada, swadl kids blankets are filled with love and feature our patented weight system that grows with your child. Simply snap on the right weight and it’s like a new blanket without the hefty cost.  

It’s the next best thing to a real hug.

Dimensions: 38" x 57.5"

The recommended starting point is roughly 10% of your child’s body weight plus 1-2 pounds.  

Kids Weight Blanket Weight
25 to 39 lbs 4lbs
40 to 60 lbs 6lbs
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why weighted blankets

Is your child tossing and turning throughout the night?  Kids, just like adults, can suffer from stress and sleep disorders and it can impact their mood and development. If your little one is struggling to fall or stay asleep and/or waking up before sunrise, a weighted blanket may help.

swadl kids blankets help children who are feeling anxious, stressed or tense feel tucked in, calm and secure - the same way a baby benefits from being swaddled. Whether it’s storytime, naptime, or bedtime, weighted blankets provide a safe haven for your child.

how do weighted blankets work

swadl kids blanket is weighted by small beads woven securely in a quilted design. The gentle weight of the blankets stimulates deep-pressure touch receptors on the body and releases endorphins and serotonin for a deep, restful sleep. A good night’s sleep can help your child maintain a healthy appetite, mood, self-confidence and concentration throughout the day.

Since weighted blankets mimic the feeling of being held, many therapists highly recommend them for children with special needs, helping them feel grounded, comforted and focused.  

About swadl kids

We’ve made a blanket so “just right” for kids, even Goldilocks would approve!

Perfect temperature with advanced pressure points

Blankets with small, sand-like beads don’t have enough volume to cover your child’s body. Most weighted blankets use fiber filler that can cause overheating during summer months.

swadl uses larger polybeads with no cheap fillers to allow for better ventilation, while providing full body coverage. It feels like a cozy full body hug.

The swadl kids blanket is machine-washable and can be layered on top of a favourite blanket to provide all night calming therapy, for restful sleep all year long.

Perfect, even pressure

Many weighted blankets use oversized quilt pockets to save on manufacturing costs. This allows the beads to shift, causing uneven weight distribution, especially around arms and legs.

swadl uses 3.9 inch square pockets, keeping the weight evenly distributed, molding to your child’s body.

Perfect weight for your growing child

Swadl blankets come in a variety of weights and colours to meet your child’s needs.

Choosing the right weight is very important. The recommended starting point is roughly 10% of your child’s body weight plus 1-2 pounds.  

With a growing child, he or she may need a heavier blanket over time. Have no fear! With our patented modular design, you can simply snap on or off weight when needed. Our blanket comes with safe connector snaps, which minimizes any shifting. Makes a great hand-me-down for siblings!

The Science

Sleep is vital for everyone’s health, but most importantly for children, due to their rapid growth and development in a short span of time. If a child is sleep deprived, this may result in a weak immune system and impact their ability to develop and learn to their full potential.

Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS) involves gently applying pressure to the body. Studies reveal that applying pressure in the form of physical touch or heavy blankets helps calm us by slowing down the flight-or-flight response, which releases the stress hormone cortisol and increases “happy hormones” like serotonin. 

Serotonin is a hormone involved in reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Children with autism and individuals with depression, anxiety, aggression, ODC, PTSD, and bipolar disorder tend to have lower levels of serotonin. Children with autism and ADHD in particular have experienced profound effects. Serotonin is also a precursor to melatonin, a hormone responsible in the regulation of sleep.  

Using a weighted blanket encourages DTPS, which mimics the warmth and security of being hugged or swaddled. While hugging or cuddling, the body also releases hormones, which helps reduce blood pressure and slows the heart rate, providing feelings of relaxation. Deep pressure therapy helps regulate both mood and sleep.

A study from the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders reveals the positive link between using a weighted blanket and tackling insomnia. When participants used the blanket, they found it easier to fall and stay asleep, providing an innovative and drug-free tool to help improve sleep quality.

which size should I pick

The recommended starting point is roughly 10% of your child’s body weight plus 1-2 pounds.  

For kids 25 to 39 lbs choose the 4lbs swadlkids blanket
For kids 40 to 60 lbs choose the 6lbs swadlkids blanket